There is an English medieval folk song about a young lady who tells an inquisitive older gentlemen that she will marry only at her will. This has turned into a very popular acapella song with many repeats and multiple singers singing at different octaves. Thus it becomes very beautiful and mystical. I have altered the lyrics and took inspiration from this famous and beautiful ayah in the Qur’an:

God is the Light of the heavens and the earth…Light upon light! God guides to His Light whom He wills.
24:35 (section)

Light upon Light
(Islamixed parody to Medieval British Folk Song “Rose, Rose, Will I Ever See you Wed?”)

Duet (1st person begins first, 2nd person will always be one line behind)

Nur, Nur, Nur, Nur
Shining bright upon the world
Soaring from our Gracious Lord
Rabbi, we’re at Your door

Reigning over
Heaven and earth
Guiding whom He wills good for
Nur ala Nur

Fill the universe and us with light
Spread mercy like rain
Light upon light (1st person sings this line twice)

I found a 3 part round (3 singers) here of the original lyrics on youtube:
Please excuse the title, it merely says “dirty” only because they recorded themselves singing it in a dusty and dirty stairwell of the music department.