Shaykh Faiyaz was my classmate during my undergraduate university studies, we took several classes together, especially since we both majored in Religious Studies.  It was an honor to see him again at ICNYU; him and his wife are beautiful people.  May God increase them both with all good.

The following are some gems from the talk delivered by Faiyaz:

-Islam is a religion of reformation.
-It was the duty of the public treasury in the Islamic world to provide for the poor.
-We live in a world where everyone wants tasks to be completed fast, instantaneously, and efficiently.  This is the era of instant gratification.  However, unfortunately, marriage has not become easier or more efficient for our youth.  In fact, it has become even harder to get married, and people are delaying it further.  We need to make marriage easier for our youth!
-When the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) arrived home from his travels, Khadijah (RA) would stand up and say, “Here is my love who has arrived from his travels.  If the women of Zulekha had seen you, they would have cut open their chests and break their hearts for you (paraphrased by me)
-One of the tricks of the devil is to provoke others to leave out their sunnah prayers

Shaykh Muhammad al Yacoubi–the teacher of my dad’s friend, Shaykh Faisal Abdur Razak, of over 20 years. The following are some gems from his talk:

-The heart is the home of spiritual life.
-People are veils blocking the path to God
-You will not get any power unless you recognize your weaknesses
-You will not get any success unless you recognize your failures
-Admit and confess your weaknesses to God in order to gain from Him
-You can reach a state in which every breath you take is a Dhikr of God