This is one of the most beautiful prayers I have come across for the Prophet Muhammad:

“O God, bestow seamless salutation and perfect peace upon our master Muhammad – through whom difficulties and calamities are relieved, needs are fulfilled, aspirations are attained, the best outcomes are achieved, and the clouds deliver their rain by virtue of his noble countenance. And bestow such salutations and peace upon his family and his companions at every moment that lasts the duration of the flickering of an eye or the drawing of breath, and do so to the number of everything that is known to You.”

Here is my reflection on the translation:

1. Peace is described as “perfect” and “seamless” which is fascinating – the fact that there can be levels and degrees of peace, and that we are praying for the most beautiful and perfect peace to descend upon the Prophet, his family, and his companions.
2. In addition to the afflictions that are removed, the needs that are fulfilled, and the aspirations that are achieved due to the noble status of the Prophet, the salawat then states that the clouds send rain due to his noble status as well. This is amazing as well because rain descending to the earth is being compared to the removal of afflictions and the fulfillment of needs. Rain is a powerful metaphor and symbol for God’s mercy and blessing. With rain comes many great bounties.
3. The salawat states to send peace to the Prophet, his family, and his companions to every moment equal to the “flickering of an eye” or the “drawing of a breath”. That is an impossible number to count! We cannot even fathom such a large number!
4. Lastly, the du’a/salawat then asks God to send peace to the prophet for the number of everything known to God. The number of everything is such a vast number again, and it can only be an infinitely ascending number, since God is always creating every moment we encounter. Every cell is constantly dividing, every experience we have He is creating, and every abode in Paradise is constantly becoming more beautiful. Insha Allah. And the fact that only God can know that number is proof of His Magnificence and Power, and proof of our meek and dependent servitude.

So in conclusion, with that one du’a/salawat, we are asking God to send perfect peace to the prophet, his family, and companions for an infinite amount of times. SubhanAllah.