My friends always say amazing things that really hit me.  One day it occurred to me that I should start posting them:

Heedlessness and Awakening:

“Everything in the cosmos is a reflection of each other, including that which is in you. See how the sky like the psyche carries pure thoughts like the clouds against the clarity and broadness of the horizons like the mind? Do you see how the waters of the river, endlessly running to greater depths like the soul reflects both what the mind displays and also the bounty and kindness of the landscape like the heart? Do you see how the whole scene ultimately reflects you, which ultimately reflects and declares His Divinity?” -NAD

“Sleep is such a comfort that we are afraid to wake up… as we are afraid to arouse our hearts to it’s cultivation. I in particular, am afraid of the chaos that will follow, but always yearn the calm and peace that would be the final road stop.”


Manners and Character:

“True personality is found within your consistent actions.”

“How we make others feel in our presence is essential to our salvation”

“Never speak about people to other people…it leads to NO GOOD.”

Closeness to God:

“People start worshiping the good feelings they get once they get closer to God and enjoy coming to Islamic events, but we have to realize that we are not doing it for the ‘feeling’, but to earn God’s pleasure.  So when God removes that “feeling”…what happens? Do we continue learning?”

“Love supersedes reason.  But we attain true love for God through reason and knowledge.”

Pain and Afflictions:

“Dear failure, I embrace you, for through you a thousand egos have died and a thousand doors have been opened.”

After ever distress comes ease, but do not have high expectations for the aftermath of distress.”

“Be prepared for the worst so that you will not be disappointed.”

“Hurting people is like hammering a nail into them, even if they forgive you and you remove the nail, the hole stays.  But if enough time passes, the memory does leave you or at least you reach the point where you understand the reason all this happened.  If Allah decreed it, there is some good in it.”

Attainment of Peace:

“Many paths to the Garden. Its breeze blows in all directions.”
-W. J. Gregor

“You will find long-lasting sakinah in your consistent actions and worship, rather than those spontaneous ‘iman rushes’.”


“Just because someone is a Muslim, and a practicing one, doesn’t mean you will automatically clique and become great friends.  Personality is an important factor.  Don’t judge a Muslim by its cover.”

“Do not get too close to people, in case their flaws cause you to look down upon them…or worse…for you to hold rancor.”