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That impenetrable heart

What does it take
To penetrate that heart?
How do I unlock
The doors
To the secret core?

What must I do
To tap into
that mysterious well
of unending love?

How do I request
a meeting with that heart
Guarded in its fortress
Of steel walls
and knights in armor?

Oh God! I rely entirely on You.
To blanket the path ahead
With Your mercy,
Love and harmony.
For only You
Can pierce through
The walls of our hearts
And allow us to feel and taste
That wondrous
That irresistible

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Shaykh Rumi

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I used to think the sun was
Illuminating all
Out of obedience
To follow the Divine command
In awe of the majesty of its Creator
But now I understand
That it moves and radiates us all
Out of love.

For it is love that vividly entrances the heart
And pulls at its core
To care for, encourage, and give warmth
For all that it longs for

It is love that causes us
To dance, stand upside down,
And submerge others in our drunkenness
To provide light for others in our own lightheaded state

It is love that desires to provide,
To burn ourselves out of provision
Just to see the ecstatic state of the receiver

What care have I for things?
When I know these things make my beloved happy?

I will empty myself of my provisions
And empty myself of my own self
Out of love.

I will empty myself of my ego
And empty myself of my existence
Out of love.

There is no joy comparable
Than in seeing your Beloved rejoice.
I will empty myself of my own joy,
To see my Beloved rejoice.
I no longer know of my own being
When the Beloved is in joy.

I only know of the
Who Exists.
And the Beloved
Who Is.

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Mirror of my Soul

Your introspection illuminates
Your reflection reverberates
Through my being,
And reminds me of my own.
You are a mirror of my soul.

I see myself in you.
Your diligence and attentiveness
Has revived and rekindled my own.
Your passion
Is a mirror of my soul.

Your love for our teachers
Is magnanimous like my own.
Your love of Rumi and his oceanic gems
Is deep and endless as my own.
Your love
Is a mirror of my soul.

Your reverence for the philosophy
Which guides the human
On the discovery of the self
And the recovery of virtue.
Is also, my earnest yearn
Your quest
Is a mirror of my soul.

Your curious dives into the luminary
Ibn al Arabi
And your eagerness at understanding
The Self Disclosure of God
Is an undertaking I gladly dive in on my own
Your dive
Is a mirror of my soul.

Your fireball of energy
for appreciating the poetic path
And the likes of Hafiz, Attar, Sa’adi and more
Is a powerful energy that bounds from my own
Your energy
Is a mirror of my soul.

I feel at ease in your presence.
I am finally home.
I see your reflection
In my food, my water.
My reading, and my imaginal realm.
are a mirror,
of my soul.

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Unite in the Ocean of Love: Don’t Harm the Lovers of God

Dear lovers,
When we travel the path of Love,
When we connect on the level of the spirit,
Do our differences in fiqh really matter?
Let us look beyond our forms,
Beyound our physicalities
Beyond methodology of law
Beyond the realm of labels
And unite in the Ocean of Love.

There is so much unnecessary bloodshed and violence in the world; just to name a few: Burma, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, etc.
We all love the same Being, let us unite in this Love. When we look with the eye of Tawhid, we see Oneness, One Love, One God, One Spirit, One Universe. When we look with the eye of multiplicity, we see insignificant differences.
We should think before picking up the weapon, “Am I killing another lover of God?”

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Heart Frozen

I stand trapped beneath the bars of illusion…
His blessed cloak is arriving close.
A sweeping moment of holy temptation
I frantically reach out one arm to grasp
My breaths fall faster until I can only gasp…

How I long to touch his blessed soul!
Our beloved Messenger, the Light of the Universe.
The key to my reaching my spiritual whole!
The guide to freedom from the world accursed!

What are these bars that have prevented me?
Why is my energy no longer roaming free?
How do I let go, and let myself be?
Doesn’t fate know, that I am in need?

I give up and smile at what is in front of me.
I appreciate him from the distance between.
I bow my head submissively to God’s regime.
I hold back my desire and on the floor I lean.

I look up again and kiss the air.
I dare not fight against my destined lair.
I admire the spectacle in front of me.
My heart frozen at such unreachable beauty.

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I release you into His Ocean of Forgiveness

I release you into His ocean of forgiveness.
To be raised again to heights unimagined.
So that purity may once again spring forth endless,
Re-emerged from your soul, a brightness rekindled.

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“The bird that escapes from the trap of its ego has no fear, wherever it may fly.”

The dagger of hurt pierces you.
You tell the dagger that you deserve it.
It came under the permission of God.

People look down upon you.
They desire not to be in your presence.
You think, they have found the Divine attributes within others
Let them enjoy the presence of God,
Manifested through the goodness of others.

You envy the good in others,
the warmth, the exuberance that attracts.
You turn the envy into admiration of God.
You marvel at the beauty God places in others.

Your parents ridicule your incompetence.
You accept your flaws and take their ridicule,
As a way of God correcting your adab.

You admire the physical beauty in others and think,
“How beautiful must God be?”

You admire the knowledge of others and think,
“How wise must God be?”

You revile in your state, lowly before God.
You admire the fullness and unmatched power of Him.
You forget your own state, as you contemplate His.

If you desire wealth of soul, seek emptiness!
If you desire happiness, seek emptiness!
If you desire company, seek emptiness!
If you desire wisdom, seek emptiness!

Empty yourself of your selfhood!
Empty yourself of your ego.
That foul creature that seeks praise, fame, popularity.
Empty it!

Remove the ego from your soul.
Forget yourself and surrender non-existence to God’s existence!
Be the moth that catches fire in the candle flame,
Burn yourself so that you reach height within the Flame!

Free yourself of the filth of this world!
The burdens of desire, ego, and self-worth.
Empty yourself, and you will find freedom!
“Die before you die” so that you are alive!

Life after death.
Calm over strife.
Finally, peace in emptiness.
“The bird that escapes from the trap of its ego has no fear, wherever it may fly.”
“The world is like a mirror displaying Love’s perfection. Oh friends! Who has ever seen a part greater than its whole?”

These are two lines amongst thousands of Rumi’s poetry that Professor Chittick translated in his book, “The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi”. Chittick divides the content of his book into three sections (dimensions): theory, practice, and attainment to God. This is similar to Iman, Islam, and Ihsan, yet Rumi is specifically focusing on “theory, practice, and attainment to God” within the dimension of Ihsan. Thus, there is form and meaning (multiple dimensions) within Islamic esotericism itself.

The first quote above infers that the source of suffering arises from man’s own ego. Satan may tempt and whisper to us, but men commit sins and suffer from their own selves and state of mind. A person who is easily offended by the words of others places a lot of value on his/her own self-worth, when in actuality; we are worth nothing in comparison to God. Sensitivity is an attribute of the ego, and mankind will be happier if they accept the ridicule of others and humble themselves. The second quote downplays the world view of dualism and dichotomy. Everything, including opposites (mercy and wrath) is a manifestation of God’s oneness. The beauty in the world of multiplicity acts as a mirror of the Beauty of God. Thus Rumi warns us not to be deceived by beautiful parts, but by the Beautiful Whole that is the source of them.

I wrote the above more than 6 years ago, and posted it now. =)

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The Resplendent Heart in Solitude

Only in isolation does the yearning get unraveled
Secrecy of night is the sanctuary unparalleled
Close your eyes and thoughts from empty, earthly clutter
Revel in blissful calmness of your gentle heart’s murmur
Gaze up and free your inner eye to grasp His Raining Mercy
And bow your ego down before His Great and Stunning Mastery
The heartbreak you keep hidden from all the world to see
Is the same place that He pours His Resplendent Light and Beauty

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Selfless Love

Your rejection of me…
does not reject my du’as for your happiness.
Your indifference to me…
does not negate my yearn for your wellness.
Your path away from me…
does not hinder my path of love for you.

For my love is selfless.

I love you with no desire for a return.
I care for you without reciprocated concern.
My tears call out for your success that is endless
I think about you despite your lack of awareness.
For your moments of joy are my ecstatic bliss.

Your passion for knowledge brings warmth to my soul
Your love of poetry flows through the blood of my bones
Your sincere longing for God is the ultimate goal
That has permeated my being and rendered me whole.

This poem is not about a specific person, it is expressing the sentiment and state of selfless love.  A lot of people may interpret this poem to mean that the writer has just been “rejected” from a lover, however that is not the case. I like to step into the shoes of other people, and try to understand how they may feel.  There are also many levels and dimensions of rejection.  A person may feel rejected by a child, a teacher, a community, an ideology, or a religious institution.  The last couple of lines indicate that the only thing worth taking out of the “rejector” is its yearning for God.  And it is this yearning for God, a separate entity from the rejector itself, that has made the writer feel whole.  The rejector itself cannot make the writer feel whole.

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Inner Intoxication

This love is unrestrained yet contained
Unveiled in the sacredness of night’s end
Upon the prayer mat this love begins to dance
The barrier of reason no longer holds back
The burning passion of the heart.
Let this inner intoxication come free
And take you out of the ordinary.
God revealed, “He has lied who claims to love Me
but who when night falls sleeps [and leaves] Me.
Does not every lover love to be alone with his beloved?”*

*last quote is from Imam al Haddad’s “Book of Assistance”

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