Your introspection illuminates
Your reflection reverberates
Through my being,
And reminds me of my own.
You are a mirror of my soul.

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The raindrops that fall outside
Are a reflection of my tears
for it is only through the nourishment
and cleansing of the soul that it can
begin to blossom greenery
Isn’t it funny how similar
soil and soul are?

Pain is a messenger and a guide.
Listen to his message!
He has come to bring you
out of the realm of forgetfulness
into the sanctuary
of awareness
Pain has come to pave the path
to a greater pleasure, unexpected.


The soul is a leaf in the wind
Constantly changing, a spirit chameleon.
Drifting with reflection, Striding with confidence
It’s instability, is its definition

Anchor its wings to the rock of trust
It will still fly, but with endless success
Trust that His plan for you is what’s best
As long as you humble yourself, for you must

Shifting like the change in seasons
Cycling through emotion and reason
Ideas develop and morph through time
Diffracting different images through your mind

You reflect the world through your shifting heart
Various mirages and realities embark
Play tug of war in your inward world
As your soul strategizes amidst this whirl

Sentient beings will come and go,
Don’t grasp for too long it will stifle your growth.
Burn a hole through your skin, denting your bones.
Before it’s too late, be wise and let go.

Appreciation is key, to maneuver destiny.
Each person is a guide, a veil, and a key
To unveil your life’s beautiful mystery.
You must learn to grasp, then release and be free.

Alphabet Aerobics


Desires discharge delirium to the deadening soul drained from detrimental dives into doubts and disobedience. Dare to delve out of these dangerous dungeons of deception and donate drastically to your deliverance.

The Purificatory Path:

Find pleasure in every pain, prejudice, and presumptuous, prying personality that prods your soul, for in this purposeful patience and a perfected presence of mind in prayer will you be preserved with perennial, paradisial peace.